God, I love these shoes.

I remember being in the 6th grade when this exact pair was released. New school, new grade, new friends, who wouldn’t want to impress with a fresh new pair of Jordans in 2001? I remember the year before, when a slew of Jordan 11s were being released, And my grandmother gave my uncle money to get me a new pair of sneakers. I wanted the Cherry 11s more than anything in the world, but coming up poor, Air Jordans weren’t exactly on my grandma’s shopping list and I got a very forgettable pair of new balances instead. And this was before New Balance’s fashion Renaissance in the mid to late 00s. Fast forward 12 years later in 2013, they make a return as a retro and I am ECSTATIC, being that I’ve grown up to be a pretty big sneakerhead and plan on getting these. I end up not getting the 2013 release and instead, a year later, hold out to find this pair of 2001 Bred 1s on ebay for roughly what the 2013s were reselling for. They’re just so clean. I can wear them with hypebeast clothes like Mishka and Supreme, or dress them up in business casual-like outfits. They’re unbelievably durable, being that they were released in 2001, and although there is some heel drag, I can wear them with no problems or fear of them falling apart on me. I hope to keep this pair in my collection for a long time. It’s wishful thinking to hope that the market price for a fresh OG all pair of these will go down from its current starting tag of $700, but i think everyone should get a pair of these.

No, I’m not selling.